Quickbooks online test drive

  • We are going to the test drive logging. if they ask are you a robot, so I am going to say no I am not a robot.
  • Then are going to continue and that all take us to Craig’s design and landscaping services. This is going to be the file that we are going to use the practice file for the free file as we practice our navigation.
  • If we are not going to change any data as we practice that navigation but there are already data within the file so this is a great tool to practice maneuvering around within the quick books file the home page of QuickBooks online gives them useful information but it’s not the primary place that we are going to use top navigation and go to the normal kind of data input process.
  • We have got this setup payment here since your first invoice type of information on the first page. We have some invoice information download expense information bank account information profit and loss and sales information. the primary tools that we will be using to navigate and actually enter data within the system however will be over here you will see these three title lines. They call that a hamburger. so the hamburger you can close it and that will give you more space than you can work within Quickbooks online.
  • We got open it and that’s going to give us our major navigation for most of our data input processes. they give us many types of information like payment types, tools, and profile information, just to point out how those are gonna be the primary tools that will be used when starting new forms to this group in formations by the customer, vendors, employees, and other information.
  • And it’s going to be listing the forms are going to be the major tool that we will use in order to input data that form will then be used to create journal entries basically the journal entries or the thing that are going to affect the financial statements the income statement or profit and loss and the balance sheets as well as other reports.
  • Overall this book is informed that”, In this, we get to know how we will open a new business and how to maintain the account of everyone. How to set up the invoice. In this how we will use multiple windows and how to use both desktop version and an online version from it, so that the company gets help in setting up.