We look at some reports in terms of the major reports for you in the budget including the basic budget as well as a comparative budget comparing the budget to the actual performance.once the time period that had been budget had passed.


In this, we can find out the budget of our sales both mentally and early, in this we start the starting date 01 \ 02 \ 2020 and the ending date 28 \ 02 \ 2020 We will upload it to our system, it will tell us about the Budget, how much budget and profit or loss are being made by selling which goods.
In this way, we can think about our future by looking at our budget, how we can get profit from our goods, what to do so that we will get profit and the budget will be normal. With this, we can know about all the goods of our company, which goods are getting profit and which are getting lost due to which we can think about its future and how to bring it to profit Can make according In this, by looking at our income statement, revenue, and expenses, we can also find out about the budget of which this company has been budgeted. In Quickbooks online, we can click the settings boutiques and click on the budget option in it, we can see the date set of any month’s budget of our company.