Different between Quickbooks desktop and Quickbooks online

(a) Quickbooks desktop

(1) one time purchase:- they are one-time purchase on Quickbooks desktop and use us businesses

(2)Can have multiples company files with one purchase of QuickBooks:-IN this books we are using in multiples companies files

(3)Static backup files:-here all the transaction of the company he restores our static backup files

(4)it looking different on another book of work

(5)this book is looked at flow chart version on the home screen

(7)More difficult work from the different location-In this books we cannot work by going to a different place where my desktop will be, we can clour work on the same

(6)Download of bank transaction can take an extra step:-IN this, a separate file of all the transactions of the bank is made so that there is no problem in the bank transactions.


  • (1)subscription:-There are monthly or annually payment in these books
  • (2)he must set up a new online account for each new company files:-That means many companies are created each account of each new companies
  • (3)Data stored on intuit server:-This books are stored our data in us intuit server.
  • (4)this book is looking different is another book of account
  • (5)This book of account structure is made on table structure form, which means graphical types.
  • (6)Download of the bank transaction is automatic:-this books are automatically up-today is bank transaction and her draughting.
  • (7)Essay to work at a different location:-which is done the work is a different place or any state location easily.