What is being followed at the Annual General Meeting?

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An annual general meeting is held only once in a financial year and in this meeting we cover all the new provisions, shares, remuneration, introduction of directors, the introduction of new shareholders, all these things in annual general meeting. And only equity shareholders attend this meeting.

What are the cases covered under this?

  1. Director’s report and Auditor’s report:- When the financial year ends in our company, before that we have to organize an annual general meeting of our company in which all the directors submit their director’s report, in which the director tells how hard he worked for the growth of the company. And all the activities of the company which takes place throughout the year are audited with the help of auditors and presented in the Annual General Meeting.
  2. Dividend status:- In this Annual General Meeting, the profit-sharing ratio to all the shareholders is also considered.
  3. Resignation of a director:- When a director has to take the designation from the company, the company also takes a decision in the Annual General Meeting.
  4. Introduction of a new director:- If we have to appoint a new director, we have to appoint at this Annual General Meeting, its appointment is done by voting of all the members at the meeting.
  5. Remuneration:- We also discuss in this Annual General Meeting how much remuneration we have to pay to the directors of the company.

We decide all who have to bring new compliances about our company at this Annual General Meeting.