what is the youtube join button option?

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This is Ravi Verma, in this article we will know about the youtube join button option.

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When our YouTube channel grows well without any streak and gets good likes, and the content of the videos on the channel is good so that the people watching the videos on your channel like your channel a lot.

So YouTube helps you to grow your channel, your videos are shown at a good level so that your channel is well developed.

Because if dislike starts coming on your channel and by mistake, someone has put strikes on your channel, then your channel will never be able to progress due to which you will not get any kind of benefit from YouTube, so keeping these things in mind YouTube’s The policy should be followed well so that your channel develops well and you start getting benefits from YouTube.

What is the policy of YouTube?

  1. Do not put strikes 3 times on youtube channel
  2. Good content
  3. No spamming
  4. Gain 1k subscriber & 4000 watch hours.
  5. No copyrights
  6. Follow guidelines
  7. You cannot make any video related to the US election
  8. If you have made videos for children on your channel, then you can upload videos related to it and can not upload any other videos.
  9. Grow your channel by uploading videos on youtube without any cheating
  10. You’ll need more than 100k subscribers for your channel to be verified.

What is the use of join button.

When you follow all the policies of YouTube, YouTube gives a new option to increase the feature of your channel, which is called join button.

If YouTube enables a new option to extend the feature of your channel, which we call the Join button and to enable this option, you have to select a certain amount for it, then you can enable this option.After that, if a person clicks on this join option, then he has to pay the amount decided by you, then he can take advantage of this option and become a member of your channel.

When you become a member by clicking on the join button of a YouTube channel, then your comment on that channel gets highlighted so that your comment can be read well because many people comment during the live video which makes it difficult for them to read And those who have become a member of that channel by clicking on the join button, their comments are automatically highlighted.

Selecting the membership option of any channel has these advantages that when a YouTube live video is made, everyone sees that video at that time, but only those people who have selected the membership(join) option are able to comment.

youtube policy for join button

YouTube keeps 30% of the earnings of any YouTuber through the join button and gives them 70%.