How to file TDS return on new income tax portal

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This is Ravi Varma, in this article I will tell you about how to file a TDS return.

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(A) Why is it necessary for us to file a TDS return?

When we deduct the TDS of any person and deposit it to the government, then in that we deposit only the amount of TDS to the government. Due to which the government does not know whose TDS we have deducted and how much TDS has been deducted.

  • Steps are mentioned here

Step-1:- Log in to your TDS Portal with the help of this URL Enter your Login I’d and Password

Step-2:- You have only 40 minutes to file a TDS return

Step-3:- Click to e-file option

Step-4:- Under this, after clicking on this e-file option, you have to click on the File Income Tax Form option.

Step-5:- In this, you will see many forms but you have to select only one deduction of tax at source and click on File Now option.

Step-6:- You are entered in TDS Filling Option Portal, then click on the Let’s Get Started option

Step-7:- Please select the form you want to file

Step-8:- Please select your financial year

Step-9:- Please Select Quarterly.

Step-10:- Click on the Fetch Details option. then the portal automatically selects your upload type

Step-11:- Upload the zip file that you converted the FVU file to zip file

Step-12:- The last step Click to proceed to E-Verify option and enter your OTP/DSC.