Receive payment

We will open the Quickbooks online account, then go to the report section of the dashboard and open the balance sheet and duplicate it by right-clicking the mouse. Then will open the trail balance and P&L account. After checking the transaction, I will come back to the dashboard and click the plus icon and open the Receipt invoice payment of Money in and enter all its data in whatever show it is doing. The recipient will open the invoice payment and add the customer name, add the payment date, add the referenced number, and can also call it an account, after which the deposit will be added to the fund. The scroll will come down and the amount of the invoice number I select will be received. If you have to do less and more in the amount of this, then you can change the option of Amount Residue on top of it. Now we will save it. And we will check our statement. In this, we will show the number of funds that we have added to that amount.