Shareholding Structure of Tata Electronics Private Limited (TEPL)

Based on the available information and typical structure of Tata Group’s companies, here is the shareholding structure of Tata Electronics Private Limited (TEPL). Please note that this structure is inferred from typical arrangements and public disclosures of Tata Group companies, as detailed shareholder information for private entities like TEPL is not publicly available.

Shareholding Structure of Tata Electronics Private Limited (TEPL)

ShareholderPercentage of Shareholding
Tata Sons Pvt. Ltd.100%


Tata Sons Pvt. Ltd.

  • Role: Tata Sons is the primary holding company of the Tata Group. It holds the majority of shares in various Tata Group companies, including Tata Electronics Private Limited.
  • Percentage of Shareholding: 100%

Key Points:

  • Philanthropic Trusts: Approximately 66% of Tata Sons is owned by various Tata trusts, such as the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust and the Sir Ratan Tata Trust. These trusts indirectly benefit from the dividends and profits of Tata Electronics through Tata Sons.


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For more precise and detailed information, access to internal corporate documents or filings with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) would be required.