Set up customer &beginning balance

Quickbooks will open an online dashboard. Then click on the option of the cell. We will open the customer inside it. And whoever is the customer will add them with the signaling balance. Scroll to the bottom and open the import process. And if the option of sample file is uploaded in it, then whatever data is saved in Excel will be opened (Customer Data) (in the option of Import Customer), it will click Browse and save the customer’s data from the Excel sheet. Next process map will select the customer in the data, after that, in the next process, we will get the option of import, in which we will save the name of the customer company name, opening balance, and opening data, and next, if I have missed anything or need to edit it. We will click on the customer name in the customer and open option and edit it in the app, click on it and edit it and save it. And in the last option of export, I will click and save it. After that, when you open the balance sheet, it will show the name and show of the costumer in this Beginning Balance seat, and this will also show in the trading account.

Set up vendor & beginning balances

To add a vendor, we need to click on the plus icon in the dashboard and open the bill of money in the option of money out and add the name and information of the vendor, then cut it and come back and then open the option and the vendor We will open the section and click on the icon of the new vendor and enter the company name, email and all the details in it and click on the option to save below, the new vendor account will be added, which we will see in the balance sheet account option Can.