Sales receipt part-1

We will open the dashboard and go to the balance sheet in the report and open the date and look at the sales to see what stage are the sales in the report and then we will also open the profit and loss account and trail balance and see whether the sales There are performances, first we will come to the dashboard and click on the plus icon and open the Make in Sale option in Money In. And in this, name, email, sales receipt date, billing marks, shipping date payment method deposit, all these options have to be filed. The invoice is saved automatically. After this, we will scroll and go down and add product and service names, fill in the description, quantity, amount rate, tax. After that, if I refresh the balance sheet, my sheet will show the current option.

Deposit records group deposit

first going to the dashboard in QuickBooks online go to the report and open balance sheets and check this .let open p&l account and trial balance account and check the report what is increasing and decrease in account receivable side or undeposited fund side. let We will click the plus icon and go to the other section in which we will get the option of record bank deposit and open it. Then all the accounts will show in the column for Select the payment included in the deposit. We have to check in the account above, from which account we need a report, from that we will add that account and then select the company that I receive from. And then in the second section, the Add Fund then the owner in this deposit will get his loan and investment. We will select whoever receives my sales, who will show me my trading account, P&L account, and balance sheets, after which we will save it. After this, when we check it, the balance sheet and the change will be seen in the assets and liabilities side. And we can then see it in the Transaction Report to see what transitions have taken place.