Employee UAN Number | How to know employee’s UAN number

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This is Ravi Verma, In this Artcle I will tell you about employee’s UAN Number

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  • UAN Number?

When we register an employee under EPFO, we generate the UAN number of that employee and that employee can withdraw his EPFO money through that UAN number.

  • Procedure to know employee’s UAN number.
  1. Login to your employer portal.

2. Go to payment option, inside it you will see ECRRETURNFILLING option then click on it.

3.As soon as we click on ECR Returning button we will see ECR Load button then click on this option.

4. After that click to download ECR file.

5. Select your wages month as well as file type (Ex – wages month 26-jan, file type ECR) and click on the ECR file download.

Do this step you will see the UAN number of all your employees