Apprenticeship training Employers FAQ’s

  1. What is apprenticeship training?
    Apprenticeship training refers to a course of training in any industry or establishment. Apprenticeship training consists of basic training (theoretical instructions) and practical on the job training at actual work place.
  2. Where can apprenticeship training be undertaken?
    One can undergo apprenticeship training in any industry/establishments in the Central/State Public Sector or Private Sector, where apprenticeship seats are available.
  3. What is a designated trade?
    Designated trade is any trade/occupation/any subject field in engineering/ non engineering/technology/any vocational course as notified by the Government.
  4. What is the period of training for trade apprentices (8th, 10th, 12th and ITI pass-outs) in designated trade?
    Period of apprenticeship training varies according to designated trade. It is 6 month to 3 years. It could last up to 4 years in few trades.
  5. Who pays the stipend to trade apprentice?
    Employers pay the stipend to trade apprentices.
  6. Who pay the stipend to graduate, technician & technician (vocational) apprentices?
    Stipend for the categories of graduate, technician & technician (vocational) apprentices is shared equally between the employer and the Central Government.
  7. How many apprentices can be engaged by an industry/establishment?
    In a financial year, establishment shall engage apprentices within a band of 2.5% to 10% of the total strength of the establishment including contractual staff. An establishment with total strength 100 can engage maximum of 10 apprentices and minimum of 3 apprentices.
  8. For enrolling/engaging apprentices where to apply?
    For enrolling/engaging apprentices kindly apply on:
  9. Who is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Act for trade apprentices in State Government Undertakings/Departments and Private establishments?
    State Apprenticeship Advisers are responsible for monitoring of implementation of the Act in respect of trade apprentices in State Government Undertakings /Departments and Private Establishments in their respective State.
  10. Is there any reservation under apprenticeship training?
    Seats are reserved for Schedule Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Class candidates
  11. Can an apprentice leave apprenticeship training in between?
    Yes. He can leave apprenticeship training before completion, if he gets employment or gets admission for higher studies.
  12. What are the obligations of employers?
    Provide the training to apprentice in his trade in accordance with the provisions of this Act, to provide adequate instructional staff for imparting practical and theoretical training and facilities for trade test of apprentices. For any establishment with more than 40 employees (including contractual workers), it is obligatory to engage apprentices.
  13. What is the process for an establishment to engage apprentices through online portal?
    Establishments should register themselves on . After registration the establishment has to enter the details of contract with the apprentice. This contract shall be registered by Regional Apprenticeship Advisor for Central sector establishments and State Apprenticeship Advisor for State and Private sector establishments .
  14. What is the procedure for online registration of contract of apprenticeship?
    • The establishment needs to register on the apprenticeship portal online; view the
    application of candidates online & notify apprenticeship opportunities online
    • Candidate registers on the apprenticeship portal & applies for an establishment for
    apprenticeship training against notified apprenticeship opportunities posted by an
    • Establishment searches on the portal and offers a seat to candidates found suitable.
    • An establishment can also search for the candidate offline and get them registered on the
    • Candidate receives the offer of apprenticeship online from the establishment andaccepts
    • The acceptance is again reflected in the MIS account of establishment.
    • The establishment approves the accepted offer from the candidate. A contract having a
    unique contract number is generated between the establishment and candidate and
    signed by both parties online.
    • In case of Designated Trades, this contract of apprenticeship is now reflected in the MIS
    account of approving authority and is registered/approved by him
    • In case of Optional Trades, the apprenticeship contract will be uploaded on the portal site
    • Upon such registration/approval, the candidate gets the status of an apprentice.
  15. What is in-house Basic Training Facility?
    An establishment having facility to provide training to Fresher students within its premises, is called InHouse Basic Training Provider. This facility is called In-house Basic Training Facility.