Invoice create by billable expense

To add an invoice create billablé expanse, open the dashboard and click the plus icon, and select send invoice in the money in option. And will add Billablé customer name, email, interface, and right side Billablé customer name shows in it, we can add it from the same then fill the option in the entrance face which was open and save it, after that we will get the trial balance. We will open it and select the account receivable and we will know the invoice in it.

Receive payment and make depositiv

In the dashboard, you will click on the plus icon, and in it, you will open the Receipt invoice payment in Money and fill up all the details and also tick the option of invoice. So that the invoice is saved and it will incrementally fund the fund and it will appear in the option of account receivables on the balance sheets and it will compensate the depository fund which will show the balance sheets. We will save this interface. Now we will open the balance sheets and in that the account will be reset and the fund will become uncovered. Now for bank deposit, we will click the plus icon in the dashboard, open the receipt bank deposit in the option on the other side and enter the date and select below the payment included in the deposit option. This is the name of the customer whose amount deposit will I will show the fund. This checking account will be incremented. And the undeposited Fund will perform the decrease and save this enter face.