What are CGST, SGST, and IGST?

The full name of GST is Goods and Service Tax, in this, GST has been dived into 3 parts.

CGST-Central Goods & Service Tax
SGST-State Goods & Service Tax
IGST-Integrated Goods & Service Tax

First of all, we know about SGST – the full form of SGST is State Goods and Service Tax.
In this, we serve the goods in the state, in which the state government is taxed on it, which is 9% SGST, within which we do the goods in Delhi and we can make it anywhere in India. If we sell, then we have to pay CGST which is 9% (9% CGST + 9% SGST) = 18%IGST

CGST – Its full name is Central Goods and Service Tax. Whose payment is done by the Central Government, in this, we supply the goods from our own state itself, then in this, we are paid tax by the Central like we are in Delhi and doing good in Delhi itself. So in this, we have to pay for Central Goods and Service Tax.

IGST:- its full name is Integrated goods and service tax. In this, we keep in mind that when we supply the goods from one state to another state, then we have to pay IGST tax, in which CGST + SGST Both the IGST are levied as these interstate level goods are supplied, hence the tax of IGST is levied. Like we do any goods in India and we sell it to Bombay, then IGST tax will be imposed on it. Because they are being supplied in our country. Therefore, its tax of 9% + 9% = 18% will be levied by the CGST.