How to differentiate merchant UPI ID and personal UPI ID?

How to identify merchant UPI ID?

How to identify merchant UPI ID?

UPI 2.0 coming in, the would be a clear demarcation between merchant IDs and individual IDs. Each request from a merchant will come with a verification or the lack there of i.e Merchants will be verified by the banks on boarding them and the verification will be passed on along with the request. If the merchant is not verified then there would be a clear message with the request that the merchant is not verified.

Google assigns it a unique numeric to merchants

When merchants set up a payments profile, Google assigns it a unique numeric code called a Merchant ID. You cannot change this number. If you ever contact Google support, we’ll ask you to give your Merchant ID.

How do I identify if the service provider is genuine?

Merchant needs to check the credibility of the solution provider and the terms and conditions as per the agreements.

How to get UPI ID For Merchants

  • Paytm for Business
  • Google Pay for Business
  • PhonePe for Business
  • Payswiff SET
  • Udaan
  • Mswipe Merchant App
  • BharatPe for Merchants
  • Freecharge Business
  • Benow Merchant App
  • Ftcash – Payments by Card, UPI QR & Business Loans
  • Seller X by ToneTag
  • Pay1 Merchant
  • BonusOne Business