EV Charging Station company in india

Here are some notable EV Charging Station companies in India, categorized by their focus and reach:

Large-scale network operators:

  • Tata Power EZ Charge: One of the largest networks, offering AC and DC charging stations across major cities.
  • Charge Zone: Known for high-quality stations and fastest charging points, operating in 25+ cities.
  • Ather Grid: Focuses on DC fast charging stations for two-wheelers, present in 56 cities.
  • Statiq: Boasting a network of over 6000+ AC and DC stations, mainly concentrated in South India.
  • Fortum India: Offers AC and DC charging solutions, with a presence in major cities.

Emerging players:

  • Accel EV: Established in Bangalore, provides charging solutions for public and private spaces.
  • Ecodrive: Specializes in setting up charging stations in residential communities and offices.
  • Pluggo: Offers app-based charging solutions with a focus on home and commercial installations.
  • Magenta Power: Provides solar-powered EV charging stations, promoting sustainable charging options.
  • Yulu: Primarily focused on electric scooter charging, offering swappable batteries in select cities.

Other noteworthy companies:

  • Charzer: Offers affordable and portable AC chargers ideal for small businesses and restaurants.
  • Myson EV: Focuses on charging infrastructure for two-wheelers and three-wheelers.
  • Sun Mobility: Operates a battery swapping model for electric two-wheelers, with charging stations in key locations.

India’s EV charging infrastructure is rapidly growing, with several key players leading the market. Here’s an overview of some prominent EV charging station companies in India as of 2024:


Known for having a vast network of over 7,000 EV chargers across India, Statiq is a significant player in the EV charging infrastructure space​​.

Charge Zone:

Charge Zone provides customized and turn-key EV charging solutions. As of March 2023, they had over 3,000 charging points across more than 1,500 EV charging stations in 37 Indian cities​​.

Magenta ChargeGrid:

Specializes in creating a network of smart and efficient charging stations. They focus on clean energy, clean mobility, and clean technology platforms. Currently operating 54 charging stations across India​​.

Jio-bp Pulse:

Jio-bp Pulse aims to set up India’s largest EV charging and battery swapping infrastructure, offering multiple digital offerings for customer EV needs​​.


India’s first all-electric ride-hailing service, Blusmart also has an EV charging infrastructure network. They aim to offer efficient, affordable, intelligent, safe, and reliable mobility solutions​​.

Glida (formerly known as Fortum Charge & Drive):

Glida is a leading Charge Point Operator (CPO) in India, focusing on user-friendly charging networks and emphasizing efficient charging experiences for EV owners​​.

Zeon Charging:

They are installing EV chargers at various locations nationwide, aiming to enable long-distance travel for EV owners without range anxiety. Their chargers are installed in places like restaurants, shopping malls, and commercial locations​​.


A brand by EV Motors India Pvt. Ltd., PlugNgo is focused on establishing a network of Public Charging Infrastructure through partnerships with various stakeholders​​.

Adani Gas:

Adani Gas is also involved in the development of EV charging infrastructure, contributing to the expanding network of charging solutions in India​​.

Tata Power Company Limited:

Tata Power is a significant player in the EV charging market, with extensive plans to install EV chargers across the country​​.

Charzer Tech Pvt Ltd.:

Charzer is a Bangalore-based startup company that has partnered with ADDA, a society management system, to build charging infrastructure in apartment complexes. They aim to install smart EV charging stations at 1,500 apartment complexes across India in two years​​.

Ather Energy:

Ather Energy has installed over 550 fast-charging grids across 56 cities in India, making it one of the largest fast-charging networks for two-wheelers. They also have plans to significantly expand their grid network​​.

Mass-Tech Controls Pvt Ltd.:

Involved in the EV charging infrastructure sector, although specific details about their operations and network size are not provided in the sourced information​​.

ABB Ltd.:

A global leader in electrification products, ABB is also a key player in the Indian EV charging station market, offering a range of charging solutions​​.

Exicom Telesystems Ltd.:

Exicom is actively involved in the EV charging market in India, having installed around 5,000 EV charging stations across 200 cities in the country​​.