EV Battery Management Systems (BMS) company in india

In India, several companies are leading the way in the development and manufacturing of Battery Management Systems (BMS) for electric vehicles (EVs). Some of the notable ones include:

SUN Mobility:

Based in Bengaluru, SUN Mobility offers customized solutions and smart batteries with management systems that include state-of-charge and automatic detection of nearby charging stations. Their systems use IoT and data analytics to optimize battery health and provide real-time feedback.


Located in Mumbai, Battrixx provides a range of advanced lithium-ion battery modules, packs, and BMS for electric four-wheeler vehicles. Their BMS focuses on complete pack monitoring and safety, with customizable dimensions and cell configuration.

ION Energy:

Also based in Mumbai, ION Energy is a global leader in battery management and intelligence platforms. They provide an intelligent BMS platform that offers complete functionality and flexibility for monitoring key parameters affecting battery life and performance.

Inverted Energy:

This Delhi-based company focuses on energy storage technologies. They have a team dedicated to disrupting the energy storage sector and are working towards becoming India’s second-largest Lithium battery company.


Located in Noida, Emuron offers an IoT-enabled BMS for fleet operators. Their system includes GPS tracking for real-time visibility into the health and utilization of lithium-ion batteries and features like remote immobilization and charging.


Known for its innovative and smart BMS, Evolute’s systems are designed for Electric Vehicle 2-Wheelers and 3-wheelers, supporting various Li-ion chemistries and offering features like cell balancing, SOC and SOH data monitoring, and various communication interfaces.

Electra EV:

They provide BMS with features such as voltage, temperature, and current monitoring, SOC/DOD/SOH calculation, cell temperature monitoring, and active/passive cell balancing. Electra EV’s systems are designed to meet critical automotive safety standards.

Bacancy Systems:

As a leading BMS manufacturer in India, Bacancy Systems offers smart BMS solutions that track charge and discharge activities and monitor cell voltages. Their systems include cloud-based management solutions for real-time battery status.

ARK Lithium Balance:

Founded in 2016, ARK Lithium Balance develops, manufactures, and sells BMS for lithium-ion battery technologies. Their BMS can be configured through their software, enabling unique battery design customization.

Lithion Power:

Specializing in BMS for up to 72V systems, Lithion Power designs and manufactures BMS for EVs, Telecom, and ESS uses. Based in New Delhi, they partner with OEMs to customize BMS solutions for vehicles.