SEBI – Client collateral lying with the trading member

Online facility to view client collateral lying with the trading member, clearing member and clearing corporations

Dear Investor,

SEBI vide circular SEBI/HO/MRD2_DCAP/CIR/2021/0598 dated July 20, 2021 has put in place a framework for Segregation and Monitoring of Collateral at Client Level.

In accordance with aforesaid circular and with a view to provide visibility of client-wise collateral, Clearing Corporations have provided a web portal facility to allow investors to view their disaggregated collateral placed with Member and as reported by their registered Trading Member /Clearing Member.

The said facility will provide the following benefits:

 Investors can verify/ validate the collaterals deposited by them with the members vis-à-vis the collaterals reported by members to clearing corporations.

 Investors can also view break-up of their collateral lying with the trading member, clearing member and clearing corporations.

 Visibility through web portal will bring transparency with respect to their collateral placed with trading member on daily basis in seamless manner.

Members are expected to submit the collateral details as at the end of business on a given day (say T) before 5:00 PM on next working day (T+1). Thus, the collateral details as reported by the Member for the registered investor would be available for viewing after 5:00 PM.

Investors can register with the respective clearing corporations and view the collateral details reported by the members for the previous five days.

Investors are requested to ensure that their email address and mobile number are updated by their Trading Members in UCI System of the Exchanges, as the same would be validated at the time of user registration to view the collateral details.

Investors may note that collaterals placed with Trading Member/Clearing Member in one form (e.g. cash) may have been passed on by the Trading Member to Clearing Member or by the Clearing Member to the Clearing Corporations in any other form (e.g. fixed deposit/ bank guarantee).

Investors are urged to regularly view the details of their collateral available with the respective clearing corporations and in case Investors find any discrepancy in the collateral deposited by them with their members and as reported by respective trading members/clearing members to clearing corporations, they are advised to take up the matter immediately with their trading member. In case of non-resolution of discrepancy by the trading member, Investors may intimate the same to the Exchange at email id free number 18002660050 (Option 5) or register an online complaint at URL

Thanks & Regards

National Stock Exchange of India Limited