New amendment of section 75 under GST with effect from 1st January 2022

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This is Ravi Varma, in this article I will tell you about the Amendment of section 75 (12) under GST

Let’s start,

The government has amended a new rule in section 75 sub-section (12), which clearly states that if we file our GSTR-1 and whatever tax liability is there on us if we file our GSTR-3B and do not pay that tax on time, the government will initiate the process of recovery on us for this mistake.

As if we do not pay our tax fully to the government, our tax liability remains unpaid, then to recover it, the government can start the recovery process on taxpayers.

But if a person has opted for the QRMP scheme, then the government will not initiate the recovery process on him till the end of his quarter, and as soon as his quarter ends and the tax paid remains arrears, then the government will start the recovery.

But as seen normally, before recovery of unpaid liabilities of the Government, the person who is covered under it will be first served a notice and it will be postponed to the next GSTR-3B, and if the tax liabilities are not paid in the next GSTR 3b, then the government can take action for recovery.