Purchase order

Open the QUICKBOOKS, click on the tool plus icon in the dashboard and open the send purchase order in the money out, then its interface will open in that we will email the vendor name and also fill all the columns. And there are also important order dates in it, we will scroll down and open the item details and it will add the product name rate amount and scroll down and it will come down and there will be an option of memos and save the memo name.

Purchase order and add inventory

Open the first QuickBooks, click on the plus icon in the country board, and in it, you will open the send purchase order in the money out and the vendor name section emails will be filled to everyone. Then scroll down and open the item details and the product name rate amount will fill all the options. Then open the inventory item and name it sales and rate select taxable category, income account will fill all and save, then my inventory will be accounted for the balance

Create an invoice with inventory

We will open the report option and will open the balance sheet and balance the balance sheet. Then we will duplicate it and open Profit and Loss in the duplicate file and put the date in it, after that we will duplicate again and open the trial balance by completing the date. Then we will click the plus icon and open the Send Invoice in Money and the interface will open, then we will enter Customer Name Invoice Billing Address. The invoice date will fill the due date and then scroll down and add and save the product name rate, quantity, and tax, then refresh the balance and trial balance and profit and loss account and all the invoice numbers of the inventory will be saved. Which we can open by filling the invoice number.