List of Products of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)

Agricultural aircraft

Fighter aircraft

HAL TejasHF-24 Marut

  • HF-24 Marut — (retired) Mk.1 and Mk.1T (200+ built)
  • Tejas — (in production) Mk.1, Mk.1A, NLCA Mk.1 and NLCA Mk.2 (40+ built)
  • Tejas Mk.2 (MWF)[39] — Medium weight fighter (under development) 2023 first flight expected.
  • AMCA — Fifth generation stealth fighter (under development).
  • TEDBF — Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter is 4.5 generation fighter for Indian Navy’s aircraft carrier. (under development)[40]


Indian Navy’s Advanced Light Helicopter MK IIILight Combat Helicopter


GTX-35VS Kaveri prototype testing

Trainer aircraft

HJT-16 Kiran

  • HT-2 — First company design to enter production.
  • HPT-32 Deepak — Basic trainer in service for more than three decades.
  • HJT-16 Kiran — Mk1, Mk1A and Mk2 – Turbojet trainers scheduled to be replaced with HJT-36 Sitara.[43]
  • HTT-34 — Turboprop version of HPT-32 Deepak
  • HTT-35 — Proposed replacement for HPT-32 basic trainer in the early 1990s; not pursued
  • HJT-36 Sitara — Intermediate jet trainer (under development)
  • HTT-40 Basic trainer (in production) first prototype flew its first flight on 31 May 2016.[45] (106 ordered)
  • HJT 39 / CAT Advanced jet trainer (proposal)

Observation and reconnaissance aircraft

Transport and passenger aircraft

Saras, under joint development with National Aerospace Laboratories

Utility aircraft

HAL-26 Pushpak


  • HAL G-1 — HAL’s first original design, dating from 1941. Only one was built.
  • Ardhra — training glider
  • Rohini

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Rustom 2 (TAPAS-BH-201)

Licensed production

HAL Ajeet F.1