List of Free Digital Marketing Software

Digital marketing software features are a set of tools and capabilities that help businesses manage and grow their online presence. These features can be used to automate tasks, track performance, and gain insights into customer behavior.

Here are some of the most common digital marketing software features:

  • Keyword research: This feature helps businesses identify the right keywords to target for their SEO and PPC campaigns.
  • Website traffic analysis: This feature tracks website traffic and provides insights into how visitors are finding and interacting with a website.
  • Social media management: This feature helps businesses manage their social media accounts, create and publish content, and track their social media performance.
  • Email marketing: This feature helps businesses create and send email newsletters and campaigns, segment their email list, and track their email performance.
  • Content marketing: This feature helps businesses plan their content calendar, create and publish high-quality content, and promote their content on social media and other channels.

In short, digital marketing software features help businesses to:

  • Reach more people online.
  • Generate more leads and sales.
  • Save time and money.
  • Improve their online presence.
CategoryFree Digital Marketing SoftwareShort Description
Email MarketingMailchimp (Free Plan)Offers a free plan for email marketing with features like email templates, automation, and list management.
Wizbrand ( provides free email marketing tools, allowing businesses to send and track email campaigns at no cost.
Social MediaHootsuite (Free Plan)Hootsuite’s free plan allows scheduling and managing social media posts across multiple platforms.
ManagementBuffer (Free Plan)Offers a free plan for scheduling and analyzing social media content, making it suitable for small businesses.
Wizbrand ( extends its offerings to free social media management, helping businesses manage their social presence.
SEO (Search EngineGoogle AnalyticsA free web analytics tool by Google for tracking website traffic, user behavior, and site performance.
Optimization)**Google Search ConsoleProvides data and insights to help website owners optimize their site’s presence in Google search results.
Wizbrand ( enhances its suite with free SEO tools, empowering businesses to improve their online visibility.
Analytics & ReportingGoogle Data StudioA free tool for creating customizable and interactive reports and dashboards using data from various sources.
HubSpot CRM (Free Plan)Includes basic CRM features, email tracking, and reporting, making it suitable for small businesses.
Wizbrand ( integrates free analytics and reporting features to help users gain insights into their campaigns.
Content ManagementWordPressAn open-source CMS that allows users to create and manage websites, blogs, and content without cost.
Wizbrand ( not a CMS, Wizbrand helps manage and optimize content for digital marketing campaigns at no charge.
Marketing AnalyticsGoogle AnalyticsBesides tracking website traffic, Google Analytics offers insights into user behavior, conversions, and more.
Google Search ConsoleHelps website owners monitor and improve their site’s performance in Google search results without cost.
Wizbrand ( integrates free marketing analytics features, allowing users to measure and optimize their efforts.

Please note that while these software options offer free plans or features, they may also offer paid plans with additional functionality. The availability of certain features and limitations may vary between free and paid versions of the software. Always check the specific terms and conditions of each tool’s free offering to ensure it meets your business needs.