How to submit an e-invoice Exemption declaration?

Hey All,

Thanks for coming to my blog, in this blog, you would know how to submit an exemption declaration for e-invoicing.

There is an exemption in the GST for the applicability of e-invoicing. the GST department has already announced that some of the categories are not covered in the e-invoicing due to the order of the government.

But those people have to file an exempt declaration form in the GST portal. After that, he would be exempt from the applicability of e-invoicing.

How to file this deceleration? let me give you the way.

Please follow these steps:

  • After login into your GST portal please click on the e-invoice button.
  • After that, you have to click on the Dashboard button.
  • After clicking on the Dashboard button you would see the e-invoice exemption declaration button then please click on it.
  • After clicking on this option you have to choose the exemption category.
  • After choosing the category please click on the submit button.
  • After clicking on the submit button your exemption declaration process has been finished.


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