How to register online in MSME

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This is Ravi Varma, in this article I will tell you how to register online in MSME.

Let’s start,

There are many small firms and companies in our India who manufacture a lot of goods and export them to other countries. So that the revenue comes in India, then the Indian government made a very good plan for all these small businessmen, which we call MSME.

In this, all the businessmen have to choose the category for themselves according to their turnover and under this scheme, many types of discounts have been given to the businessman by the government and in this, the bank interest is given at a very low rate.

Benefits of MSME

  1. A loan is easily available from the bank.
  2. The interest rate in the loan is to be paid at a very low rate.
  3. Goods get a fair price
  4. There are many options available to earn profit in this business.
  5. If a business is registered in MSME and if a seller is not giving his money in return for his goods, then the government helps the businessman to collect his money.

Step by Step online MSME registration process.

Step 01:- Go to your browser and search udyam registration.

MSME site lInk:-

Step 02:- Click on this option.

Step 03:- As soon as we click on this option, it takes us to the official page of the MSME, from where we can take our registration and there is no charge for registering in it.

Step 04:- If you are going to register in MSME for the first time then choose the first option.

Step 05:- After clicking this enter your aadharnumber and name of your entrepreneur.

Step 06:- click on the validate and generate the OTP option.

Step 07:- enter your one-time password (This password is given to your registered mobile number)

Step 08:- The next option is the PAN card detail option do you have your PAN card then click the yes option and enter your PAN card number. first of all, you are to select your organization type and click to PAN validate option.

Step 09:- After doing that you have got a PAN successfully verified message.

Step 10:- Next is whether you file an income tax return and have a GSTIN number if you have then click on the Yes option and enter your ITR details and enter your GSTIN number.

Step 11:- After doing this you will get a new column in which you have to give your mobile number and email option, please enter it, and most importantly do not change the rate of shares as 51% rate is applicable for all categories of persons.

Step 12:- After this process, what is the name of the company, the option to enter the address, what is your gender, what is your category, you have to give information about all these things.

You also have to tell how much employee work you have. Whether you are starting the business of goods or manufacturing you have to choose the option for this also. You have to enter your firm’s CIN number.

And you are required to enter the amount of your company’s turnover

Step 13:- After completing all the procedures, click on submit and final OTP icon.

Step 14:- In the final step you got an OPT in your registered mobile number please enter this OTP in the below option and finally enter the captcha code then click the final submit option.

Step 15:- Finally, you got a popup that will confirm that your registration is successful.

Step 16:- You will get your MSME registration number which is very important to get your MSME certificate.

Note point*** You will get your MSME certificate after 10 to 15 days as the government scrutinizes the registration form filed by you after that issues your certificate.