How To Know about Shares In The Stocks Market?

There are many big companies in India who seek the help of the stock market to bring their business to a good platform. Due to which all companies bring their shares in the stock market and all the people who invest money in the stock market buy these shares. And become the owner of any business

Debenture holders do not become owners of a company when purchasing debentures of any company, they are only meant by the profit they get every month. Even if the company is at a loss, they only want their profit

What is SENSEX And NIFTY ?

Both the SENSEX and the NIFTY talk about the stock market. That at what time we will gain by buying shares and at what time we can take the losses.

There are two types of stock exchange indexes in India.

  • BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange):- SENSEX tells about Bombay Stock Exchange (This is the shortcut name for SENSEX) There are more than 5000 companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. So if you want to know which company is the best, SENSEX shows us the list of the top 30 best companies. Through which we will be able to know in which company we have to invest.
  • NSE (National Stock exchange):- More than 1800 companies are listed inside it. So if you want to know which company is the best, NIFTY shows us the list of the top 50 best companies. Whichever has the highest turnover. Through which we will be able to know in which company we have to invest.
  • We can find its calculation through free-float market capitalization.
  • Total market capitalization – Government Holding market capitalization = market capitalization value.
  • When the Sensex rises, we call it the bull market. And they appear green.
  • When the Sensex falls, we call it a bear market. And they appear rad.

Special notes********* When SENSEX does a limited amount of shows, we should buy shares.

Top Companies In India and share price

Company nameSectorStock priceShare Price Increase / decrease
SpicejetAir lines66.35Increase
CDSLDepository Services708.80Decrease
HDFC lifeFinancial Service689Decrease
Amber Enterprises India LtdAir conditioner3137.00Decrease
DELTA CORPgaming industry152.10Decrease
DMARTRetail company2821.35Decrease
Spencer’s Retail LtdRetail-store company69.50Decrease
HDFC BANKFinance Corporation1375.20Decrease
ITC L.T.Dconglomerate company205.30Decrease
V GUARD INDUST Electrical appliances 230.10Decrease
GRANULES INDIAPharmaceutical company318.00Decrease
BANK OF BARODAFinancial services company66.90Decrease
MPHASISIT service management company1739.00Decrease
FINOLEX CABLEelectrical and telecommunication cables360.00Decrease