Format of an Invoice Under GST

  • What information is required to create any GST INVOICES Under Service Provider Company?

(a) First of all, the service provider should have the registered address of the company with the PIN code of its region

(b) Must have a PAN number

(c) He should have the company’s register number, which we call the Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN).

(d) Any bill must have an invoice number

(e) Any bill must have an invoice date.

(f) Whatever goods and services have been sold, full information has to be given with HSN/SAC Code.

(g) It is very important to write down the tax levied on the supply of goods or services, so that we know how many services are being provided in which state, and how much tax is being levied on it.

(h) In the Invoice, it should be clear what kind of tax is being paid. IGST ,CGST ,UTGST ,CESS

(I) Wherever we are providing goods or services, the address of the place should also be accompanied by its PIN code.

(j) He should also have a PAN number and his company should also have a Goods and Service Tax Identification Number.

(k) Whatever company we create an invoice, we need to put a trade mark of our company on the invoice, which shows that the invoice has been issue by.

(L) The data given in any invoice should be clean and well visible.

(m) If an invoice is issued, it is more important to have a place of supply in its name that we are issuing.

(n) It is very important to write the taxable value, which also includes our tax amount.

(o) All conditions must be written for the payment of any invoice.