In this way, we can expand this in our Language. Before coming to GST India, we used to have total 14 types of tax due to which different tax was paid on each place. Every state used to keep its own tax rate that if any sale or purchase of goods is done in this state then it will have to pay so much tax. Due to all these problems,

If a company wanted to come to India, it was not a husband due to tax rate, then to eliminate all these problems, the Indian government brought the GST tax to India so that India was one everywhere Paid the same tax and all indirect taxes were abolished and brought to GST.

After this arrival, if any service provider sends his goods to anywhere, he will have to pay the same tax everywhere.

That means,
If we make any goods in Jharkhand and if we sell it in Jharkhand, then we have to give 9% CGST and 9% SGST. And if we sell out of Jharkhand to Bihar, then we have to pay IGST which is 18%. So now due to the coming of GST, companies in our country will also want to come out as they will not have a tax problem. Only one tax GST has to be paid (GST). So now this is a right option for the growth of our India, which can lead to our India progress.

So we can’t explain the concept of GST in a way. Because it has many more benefits, due to which, all over India now there will be progress on the same basis. And another country company would also like to come after the arrival of GST in our India.