Changes in GSTR-2B in 2022 | How to claim ITC in GST 2022 | What has been said in the budget about GSTR-2B in 2022-2023?

Budget 2022: ट्रेडर्स एसोसिएशन की मांग- GST में किया जाए बदलाव

This is Ravi Verma,

In this article, I will tell you how to claim the correct ITC in GST Portal

As per section 38:- Now the government has changed the rules for claiming ITC.

If any person has to claim his ITC, then he will have to claim his ITCaccording to the government, if any person does not do so, then his registration can be canceled by the government.

As we know that we have to know our ITC in GSTR-2B, in this we get to know how much ITC we should claim while filing our GST return. Now the government has made changes under GSTR-2B, under which we now have to claim the same amount to take our ITC credit, which the government has shown in the column of ITC available.

Change in GSTR-2B

The government has introduced two new columns in GSTR-2B

  • ITC Available Column – In this column, taxpayers can avail themselves its ITC without any problems (only available ITC can claim)
  • ITC restricted Column – Under this column, you cannot avail your ITC as your vendor defaulter in this column can be counted in the column.

The government has inserted a new section 38, under this section in which the government has covered which taxpayer is a defaulter.

  • newly registered taxpayers – If a person takes a new registration in GSTIN, then the government has imposed a restriction for that we cannot take our full ITC from that person.
  • Defaulter Supplier (Not Paying GST Amount):- If a supplier does not pay tax in GST, the government has classified such a supplier as a defaulting supplier.
  • The GSTR-1 tax amount does not exceed the GSTR-3B tax amount.:- If the tax on GSTR-1 of a supplier is more than the tax amount on GSTR-3B, then the supplier is declared a defaulter.uppler’s
  • Claiming ITC in excess of GSTR-2B – If a supplier claims his ITC in excess of the GSTR-2B amount, then such supplier is a defaulter.
  • Non-payment of full tax by ITC – If a taxpayer makes full payment of his tax through his credit ledger, then such GST holder will be declared a defaulter, In this, we will pay 99% of our tax in our credit ledger and 1% is to be done by cash.
  • The government has already declared such person as a defaulter – A person who has not paid his taxes and does not follow the government rules, such person is declared a defaulter by the government.

Special notes – Now we do not have to make any purchases from any such supplier who falls under the category of the defaulter.

What has been said in the budget about GSTR-2B in 2022-2023?