Amended Invoices in GSTR 1

9A – Amended B2B Invoices

If we have made any mistake in this (B2B ), then we can change it by going to 9(A) business to business return file. In this, we Can change the cut-off to less than 2.5 lakh.

6A – Exports Invoices

These tables are part of GSTR-1. For this, the exporter can rewrite this file for the expert of his goods and we can claim our refund for all the goods we have exported. And it can only file a registered person

9A – Amended Exports Invoices

If we have made a mistake in table number 4A, then we have to do this table to correct it. So that we can correct our mistake

9C – Amended Credit/Debit Notes (Registered)

If we accidentally sell any goods to a registered person. Whose amount is more and we reduce it and sell it, then we issue this note to our customer (we have made a mistake in table number 4)

9C – Amended Credit/Debit Notes (Unregistered)

If we have made a mistake in the 9B unregistered person’s credit and debit notes, then for this also a separate table has been given on the portal 9C in which we can correct our notes.

7 – B2C (Others)

If the sales are less than two million fifty thousand, in the case of an unregistered person, and if the invoice business is related to the consumer, then we can enter it in this table. Table number 7 is related to unregistered a person

8A, 8B, 8C, 8D – Nil Rated Supplies

If we supply a person from it who is Nil rated or an Exempted and supplies a non-GST person, then in this case we will use this table.

11A(1), 11A(2) – Tax Liability (Advances Received)

We know that in this table. When we get an advance from someone, then we show it on the table of our portal. So that we know that we have got the advance and we will show the report in the table of GSTR-3B

11B(1), 11B(2) – Adjustment of Advances

When we add the advance to our table (11A (1) 11A (2)), we have to use this 11b (1) 11B (2) to reduce it. Meaning that when we fill this portal, then whatever happens in advance gets reduced.

12 – HSN-wise summary of outward supplies

Accordance, when the turnover of any business is more than one crore fifty lakhs. So for them, it should be filled and at the time of filing it, it is necessary to enter the code of two digits. And this turnover is up to five crores. And for other businesses whose turnover is more than five crores, they have to enter the HSN note of four digits of their business. These data are collected only for the formalities.