Where I can check the GST filing status of our client? | How to check the client’s GST filing status?

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Today, we will discuss how to determine the GST filing status of our vendors or clients.

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Many GST holders do not know where I can see the GST filing status of our clients or vendors. So that’s why I am giving you the way where you can check the GST status of our clients or vendors in detail.

Since all of us are submitting GSTR3B and GSTR1 on a monthly and quarterly basis, along with reporting our Input Credit Figures, it becomes increasingly crucial to ensure that the vendors from whom we procure goods or services are also filing their GSTR returns punctually and accurately reflecting GST Invoice details in their GSTR 1 filings.

Why do we need to know about the Vendors/client’s GST filing status?

All GST holders need to know whether our clients or vendors are filing their GSTR returns or not because this information allows us to avail of our credits and avoid any potential notices from the GST department.

  1. Compliance Verification: This allows us to verify that our vendors and clients are complying with tax regulations, reducing the risk of engaging with non-compliant entities.
  2. Input Tax Credit (ITC) Claims: Knowledge of their GST filing status is necessary to claim Input Tax Credits, as many tax systems require vendors to file their returns correctly and on time for ITC eligibility.
  3. Risk Management: It helps manage risks associated with non-compliance, potential audits, or legal issues that may arise from dealing with vendors or clients who do not meet tax obligations.
  4. Financial Planning: Understanding their GST status aids in financial planning by factoring in potential tax implications and ensuring accurate budgeting.
  5. Legal Obligations: Depending on the jurisdiction, there may be legal obligations related to the tax compliance of vendors or clients. Knowing their GST filing status helps fulfill these obligations.
  6. Reputation Management: It safeguards the reputation of a business by ensuring associations with compliant entities and avoiding potential damage to its image through connections with non-compliant counterparts.

In summary, knowledge of vendors’ and clients’ GST filing status is essential for regulatory compliance, financial management, risk mitigation, legal adherence, and reputation protection.

Here are the steps to know the GST filling status of our CLIENTS or VENDORS.

A. Go to the GST portal.

B. Enter your ID and Password and click on the login button.

C. After that, click on the Continue to Dashboard button.

D. After that, please click on the file return option.

E. After that, please select the financial year, Quarter, & period after that please click on the search button.

F. After that, please click on the view button of GSTR-2A.

G. After that, you can view the status of your clients or vendors according to the categories. This means that by clicking on the categories, you can determine whether your client or vendor has filed their returns or not.

H. You can see the GST filling status of your clients or vendors like this. (Y – Filed & N – Not filed)

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