Top 10 Protein Powder Manufacturers in India

Top 10 protein powder manufacturers stocks in india

No indian company manufactures whey protein except companies like Amul and Paras which manufactures whey protein concentrate 30–35% required for baby food.

All Indian companies like my fit fuel, muscle blaze, acacia etc import raw whey such as davisco, saputo, frontera etc and sell by adding flavors and digestive enzymes. But the main problem lies in amino spiking.

  • Medisysbiotech Pvt Ltd
  • Avani Food Prodcuts
  • Neptune Biotech
  • Saillon Pharma
  • Nutralike Lifescience
  • Shri Industry
  • Advance Inorganics
  • Proteinwale
  • PMV Nutrient Products Pvt
  • Nutricore BioSciences
  • Parag Milk Foods Limited
  • proteinX by danone
  • proteinPlus by unilever
  • Amul