• The successful completion of an application process GST comparable it will To methodically they generate and issue a registration certificate to the application all business entities registering on the GST will be provided a band unique identification number known as GST Eilean or GST or number we had covered this topic in one of our earlier lectures. now before GST came into existence and the deal up they just turned on the state.
  • That law had a unique number assigned to him by the state authorities, in the same manner, .so is tax registration number was assigned to a service provider by the central board of excise and customs. now under the new GST regime, all these parties will come under one single party and all those old identification numbers will be replaced by a single registration number format for each of them.
  • The main purpose of getting all those in under one tax regime is to ensure a simpler and better administration process for tax authorities and greater compliance by taxpayers and as a consequence, this will improve the tax structure and the tax collection of the government in the future.