Full detail of GSTR-1 Column no.12- HSN-wise Summary of outward Supplies

Guide on GSTR 1 filing on GST Portal

Any company whose turnover is more than 5 crores and has opted for monthly mode to submit its invoice, then it becomes necessary to enter the HSN/SAS code information of the goods or services in the invoice in column number 12 of GSTR-1

All information about HSN CODE columns

(a) HSN/SAC:- In this we can search the HSN / SAC code of our goods/services.

(b) Descriptions:- As soon as we select our HSN / SAC code inside it, then the description automatically comes inside it.

(c) UQC:- The Full name of UQC is unit quantity code This includes the way in which we have sold the goods, whether the goods are packed in cans, packed in bottles,

(d)Total taxable value:- In this we have to write the value of our goods, on which we have not yet added the amount of tax.

(e) Rate%:- In this, we have to write about the tax rate as much as we have levied on the goods or services.

(f) Integrated tax:- This tax is levied when goods are supplied from one state to another.

(g) Central tax:- If goods and services are supplied in the same state, SGST and CGST are charged.

(h) State tax:- If goods and services are supplied in the same state, S.G.S.T and S.G.S.T are charged.

(I) Cess:- On the tax paid by us, the government separately levies another charge on our tax, which we call cess.

This is a new column enabled by the government for monthly taxpayers, which is mandatory for all monthly taxpayers.