Data Centers Company & Stocks in India

Here are some data center companies in India that are listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE):

Listed Data Center Companies:

Tata Communications Ltd:

Tata Communications is a major player in the data center market in India, offering a wide range of services including colocation, cloud, and managed services. They operate several data centers across the country.

  • NSE Symbol: TATACOMM
  • BSE Code: 500483

Sify Technologies Ltd:

  • Sify Technologies provides data center services, including colocation, cloud hosting, and managed services. They have multiple data centers across major cities in India.
  • NSE Symbol: SIFY
  • BSE Code: 532540

HCL Technologies Ltd:

  • While primarily an IT services company, HCL Technologies also operates data centers and offers a variety of IT infrastructure services.
  • NSE Symbol: HCLTECH
  • BSE Code: 532281

Larsen & Toubro Ltd (L&T):

  • L&T has a significant presence in the data center market through its subsidiary, L&T Technology Services, which provides engineering services for data centers.
  • NSE Symbol: LT
  • BSE Code: 500510

Reliance Industries Ltd:

Anant Raj Limited

Anant Raj Limited is a prominent real estate development company in India. They have diversified into the data center business as part of their infrastructure and development portfolio. The company has been working on developing data center parks and facilities, leveraging their extensive land bank and real estate development expertise.

Techno Electric & Engineering Co. Ltd

Techno Electric & Engineering Co. Ltd is primarily known for its engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services in the power sector. However, the company has also ventured into the data center business. Techno Electric is involved in setting up and managing data centers, capitalizing on their experience in providing high-end engineering solutions and infrastructure services.

Here are some of the prominent data center companies in India:

  1. Equinix Inc.: A global leader in data centers, Equinix has established a strong presence in India with facilities like MB1 and MB2 in Mumbai, catering to major clients such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. They continue to expand with new projects like MB4 in Kalwa​ (Mordor Intelligence)​​ (Mordor Intelligence)​.
  2. NTT Ltd (Netmagic Solutions): Netmagic, a subsidiary of NTT Communications, operates multiple high-standard data centers across Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Noida. They offer services including managed dedicated hosting and SAP application hosting​ (Analytics India Magazine)​.
  3. Nxtra Data Ltd: Owned by Bharti Airtel, Nxtra Data provides a wide range of data center services across India, supporting critical IT infrastructure and various cloud services​ (Mordor Intelligence)​.
  4. Sify Technologies Ltd: Sify is a well-known data center provider offering colocation, managed services, and cloud services. They have a significant presence in major Indian cities​ (Mordor Intelligence)​.
  5. STT GDC India: A joint venture between ST Telemedia Global Data Centres and Tata Communications, STT GDC India operates numerous data centers across eight cities in India, focusing on colocation services​ (Analytics India Magazine)​.
  6. Yotta Infrastructure Solutions: Yotta operates some of the largest data centers in India, including the Yotta NM1 data center in Panvel, Mumbai. They provide a variety of services such as colocation, connectivity, cloud services, and managed IT services​ (Analytics India Magazine)​.
  7. CtrlS Datacenters Ltd: CtrlS offers Tier-4 data center services, providing high levels of redundancy and uptime. They have facilities in multiple cities, including Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Noida​ (Mordor Intelligence)​.
  8. ESDS Software Solution Ltd: ESDS provides cloud hosting, managed data center services, and disaster recovery solutions. They focus on offering scalable and resilient data center infrastructure​ (Mordor Intelligence)​.
  9. Go4hosting: Known for its comprehensive hosting solutions, Go4hosting provides colocation, cloud hosting, and dedicated server hosting services​ (Mordor Intelligence)​.
  10. AdaniConnex: A joint venture between Adani Enterprises and EdgeConnex, AdaniConnex is investing heavily in data centers across India, including facilities in Visakhapatnam, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai​ (Analytics India Magazine)​.