What do we understand from Estimated Revenue in YouTube Studio?

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This is Ravi Varma, in this article I will tell you about the meaning of estimated revenue in youtube studio.

Let’s start,

When our youtube channel gets monetized then we get the benefit of earning money from youtube, in this we need 1 thousand subscribers and 4 thousand watch hours on our channel, after completing which youtube monetizes our channel.

And as soon as our channel gets monetized, we fulfill all the policies of YouTube, then after that, we start earning from our channel.

If YouTube does any kind of ads or promotion on our channel, then as long as the ads or promotion is shown on our channel, then we get money from YouTube in return.

Es­tim­ated rev­en­ue

After the monetization of our YouTube channel, many ads and promotions are done on our channel, which YouTube cannot calculate in one go and it cannot tell us how much earning we are getting from our channel.

So for this reason youtube tells us an estimated revenue that how much we can earn from our channel and this earning keeps on increasing and decreasing every day because the more there are ads and promotions on our channel, the more will be our earning chances and if ads and promotions start decreasing, then our earning can also decrease.

To earn our channel well, it is very important to have AIDS and promotion, only then we can earn from YouTube.