Short cut key in Quickbooks

This is the Short key to use my QuickBooks operation method properly. We use This short cut key and open my quick books system very easily

first:- (CTRL + ALT + I ) This key i will open our invoice section very easily

2nd:-(CTRL + ALT + X ) This key we are open our expense section properly

3rd:- (CTRL + ALT + R ) This trick i will open in my received payment section

4th:- (CTL + ALT + C ) This key i will open in my customer list

5th:-( CTRL + ALT + V ) This is used to open our vendor list

6th:-(CTRL + ALT +A ) This is open our chart of account section

7th:-(CTRL + ALT + M ) I am using this key to send my report in Gmail and also in QuickBooks

8th:-(CTRL + ALT + S ) This key I am used to save our bills in invoice method

9th:-(CTR; + ALT +D ) This key I save our invoice and back to our QuickBooks dashboard.

10th:-(CTRL + ALT + ? ) This key is open my company ID