List of Indian drone company Stocks You Can Invest in 2022

Find out the drone manufacturing listed companies in India to buy from and indulge in long-term investment from the table below:

NameMarket CapClose PriceP/E Ratio
Zomato Ltd43,803.9257.30-36.24
Info Edge (India) Ltd48,723.043,779.753.82
Rattanindia Enterprises Ltd5,646.5740.8510.19
Dcm Shriram Industries Ltd688.1179.1010.39
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd59,644.701,783.7011.74
Solar Industries India Ltd24,773.012,737.6556.14
Paras Defense and Space Technologies Ltd2,406.69617.1089.00
Zen Technologies Ltd1,379.50173.50689.75
Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Ltd
Sika Interplant Systems Ltd

List of drone stocks in India

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL):

Known for manufacturing aircraft and helicopters, HAL is also working on unmanned combat aerial vehicles.

Info Edge (India) Ltd (NAUKRI):

While not solely focused on drones, their subsidiary Throttle Aerospace Systems is a leader in enterprise, defense, and delivery drones.

Zen Technologies Ltd (ZENTEC):

Manufactures simulators and training solutions for defense and security forces, also offers drone manufacturing and services.

RattanIndia Enterprises Ltd (RIL):

Invests in various technologies, including drones through its subsidiary NeoSky India.

Droneacharya Aerial Innovations Ltd (DRONEACHARYA):

Offers drone manufacturing, training, and services, specializing in small-scale drones.

Paras Defence & Space Technologies Ltd (PARASDEF):

Primarily a defense engineering company, they also manufacture military and commercial drones.

Drone Destination Ltd (DRONEDEST):

Engaged in drone manufacturing, software development, and drone-based services.

DCM Shriram Industries Ltd (DCMSHRIRAM):

Diversified company with a venture into drone manufacturing through its subsidiary, Agnikul Airways Pvt. Ltd.

Solar Industries India Ltd (SIL):

Primarily a solar company, but also involved in drone development through its subsidiary, Aarav Unmanned Systems.

Bharat Electronics Ltd.

Bharat Electronics Ltd is a prominent Indian state-owned aerospace and defense company that manufactures advanced electronics products for the Indian Armed Forces. While primarily known for its defense electronics, the company is also exploring and developing technologies in the field of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).


IdeaForge is another significant player in the drone manufacturing industry in India and is listed on the stock market. ideaForge is known for its design and production of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) primarily used for surveillance and reconnaissance purposes. Their products have applications in various sectors including defense, homeland security, and industrial applications such as agricultural surveying and asset inspection.

Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Ltd,

incorporated on July 22, 1988, is a public limited company listed on the Indian Stock Exchange and based in Belagondapalli, Tamil Nadu. The company’s business primarily revolves around the manufacturing and sale of various parts and components for the aviation industry. Additionally, they provide services related to airfield maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), and other allied services.

Sika Interplant Systems Ltd.

(Sika) is a technology-driven Indian company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. They primarily focus on the Aerospace, Defence & Space (A&D) and Automotive sectors.