List of Indian Companies Involved in 5G Technology and Telecom Equipment Manufacturing (Listed on NSE/BSE)

Reliance Industries (Reliance Jio)

  • Ticker: RELIANCE (NSE/BSE)
  • Involvement: Significant investment in 5G technology, spectrum acquisition, strategic global partnerships (e.g., Qualcomm, Google), and ongoing 5G trials.

Bharti Airtel

  • Involvement: Extensive 5G trials, collaboration with Ericsson, Nokia, and Huawei for 5G deployment, and robust telecom infrastructure.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

  • Ticker: TCS (NSE/BSE)
  • Involvement: Development of 5G solutions and enterprise applications, partnerships with telecom operators for implementation, and strong R&D capabilities.

Tech Mahindra

  • Ticker: TECHM (NSE/BSE)
  • Involvement: Provides end-to-end 5G services, including network deployment and management, with strategic global alliances.

Sterlite Technologies Limited (STL)

  • Ticker: STRTECH (NSE)
  • Involvement: Leading provider of fiber optic solutions essential for 5G networks, development of integrated network solutions, and manufacturing expansion for 5G demand.

HFCL Limited

  • Ticker: HFCL (NSE/BSE)
  • Involvement: Manufacturer of telecom equipment, including optical fiber, involvement in setting up 5G infrastructure, and collaborations with global tech providers.

Tejas Networks

  • Ticker: TEJASNET (NSE/BSE)
  • Involvement: Development of 5G-ready telecom products, strong focus on R&D, and supplying equipment for domestic and international markets.

ITI Limited

  • Ticker: ITI (NSE/BSE)
  • Involvement: Government-backed company, manufacturing telecom equipment, focus on indigenous 5G solutions, and collaboration with leading technology firms.