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Comply the mandatory compliance for your Company

Comply the mandatory compliance for your Company with the provisions of Companies Act, 2013 Appointment of First Auditor. Preparing and printing Share certificates Quarterly Compliance (After Every 90 Days) Holding the Board Meeting Drafting the notice of Board Meeting Preparing minutes thereof Preparation of attendance sheets of the board meetings, Preparing the directors’ disclosures of

How to Appoint Auditor in Private Limited Company

As per section 139(6) of Companies Act 2013, Private Limited company has to appoint its first auditor within 30 days from the date of incorporation in a board meeting. If the board of directors are not able to appoint then it has to be appointed within 90 days in a general meeting of members. First auditor as appointed is required to

How to Collect TDS & File Returns

What is TDS? TDS is simply Tax Deducted at Source.  As per the Income Tax Act – persons responsible for making payments are required to deduct tax at source at prescribed rates. Instead of receiving tax on your income from you at a later date, the govt wants the payers to deduct tax before hand

IPO Note – Khadim Ltd by Ventura

Khadim India (Khadim), established in 1981 is one of the leading footwear brands in India, with a two-pronged focus on retail and distribution of footwear. Khadim is the second largest footwear retailer in India in terms of number of exclusive retail stores operating under the “Khadim’s” brand, with a large presence in East India and

IPO note on Prataap Snacks Ltd by Ventura

22092017100753prataap snacks ipo Established in 2009, Indore-based Prataap Snacks (Prataap) is an Indian snack food company selling products under the brand name “Yellow Diamond”. Prataap Snacks has a diversified product portfolio including traditional and western snacks. Prataap manufactures and sells snacks under three major snack food categories: Extruded Snacks: Processed, reconstituted and shaped potato or

IPO note on SBI Life Insurance by Ventura

SBI LIFE INSURANCE (SBIL) is India’s largest private life insurer, in terms of New Business Premium generated in each fiscal year, since Fiscal 2010. It was established as a joint venture between the State Bank and BNP Paribas Cardiff in 2001. Its brand, business reputation and customer satisfaction are critical factors in developing new business